Thursday, July 6, 2017

Eleanor 5 Cover

Wanted to try something subtle for the last cover, so i drew a more detailed image of Eleanor, (with a little extra weight added, since she gains a few pounds in the book)

I decided to draw her from the back on a separate piece of bristol board, so i wouldn't cover the original abstract image. 

I could have cut her out by hand and pasted her in, but instead i added her digitally over the abstract painting that i drew so many years ago.


Daniel Sardella said...

Love this! Might be my favorite 'Eleanor' cover yet!

Anonymous said...

Wow, this cover is reality in your face,
or rather—my face.
Great job. Great cover.

Fernando Valencia said...

Last issue? Noo0oo0!
Oooo, confront my cheating spouse!

Case Lopez said...

The colors are phenomenal. Love this work

Aaron Desira said...

It's beautiful Sam. You even encourage your drawings to take in more abstracts :)